Pansies Collections

Pansies Collection
Set includes 5 pansies designs. Each design is offered in two sizes for 5x7 and 6x10-inch hoops sizes. Available in set and separately.

Pansies Set for 5"x7"
Pansies Set for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Pansy Towels
The set is made exactly in the same style as Pansies Collection, so you can combine these matching designs in your projects. Collection was designed to embroider on guest towels and includes 5 designs. The designs are offered in 3 sizes for 5"x7" and 6x10-inch hoop sizes.

Pansy Towels Set for 5"x7"
Pansy Towels Set for 5"x7" & 6"x10"