Dog Roses Christian Cross for 5"x7"

Dog Roses Christian Cross for 5"x7"
Item# R6600057

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This collection includes 4 lego designs for 5x7-inch hoops, combining which will allow you to embroider a large Christian Cross design decorated with Dog Roses flowers. The approximate size of the final design is 8" X 17.9" (20.5cm X 45.5cm)

To embroider this collection we recommend using a Templates technique. Print the templates of each design using your embroidery software, place them in the correct order on the fabric, mark the centers of each design (and if necessary auxiliary points) and embroider the designs strictly following these marks. To embroider these designs we recommend the use of non-slip, heavy fabrics, so that they donít move during embroidery.

You can purchase this set only as a whole. Farther down on this page you will find information about each lego design and by clicking on the image you will be able see it at a rate of 1:1.


Cross Top Part  for 5"x7"

5.46" x 2.91", Stitches: 15952

Colors: 10
Cross Left and Right Part for 5"x7"

2.93" x 2.96", Stitches: 11166

Colors: 10
Cross Bottom Part 2 for 5"x7"

6.30" x 2.59", Stitches: 18215

Colors: 10
Cross Bottom Part 1 for 5"x7"

6.92" x 3.39", Stitches: 24643

Colors: 10