Baby Animals

Do not order duplicate designs! Select the right set for your machine. Set for 5"x7" hoops includes only designs suitable for 5x7-inch embroidery field. Set for 5"x7" & 6"x10" includes designs for 5"x7" and 6x10-inch hoops.Happy Stitching!

Baby Animals Set tor 5"x7"
Set includes 5 cute baby animals designs. Each design is offered in 5"x7" hoop size. Available in set and separately.
Baby Chicken for 5"x7"
Duckling for 5"x7"
Teddy Bear for 5"x7"
Baby Bear for 5"x7"
Leveret for 5"x7"
Baby Animals for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Set includes 5 designs of baby animals. Each design is offered in two or three sizes for 5"x7" and 6x10-inch hoops sizes. Available in set and separately.
Baby Chicken for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Duckling for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Teddy Bear for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Baby Bear for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Leveret for 5"x7" & 6"x10"